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So you’ve been enjoying the beautiful Bondi beach for the day, you are relaxed and refreshed and arrive home only to discover that you’ve lost your key somewhere in the sand. Fear not! At Call Locksmiths can provide the fastest and cheapest locksmith Bondi has!

Door locks are complex pieces of mechanical engineering, At Call Locksmiths are lock and security experts. So even if it isn’t a lost key that’s the problem, but a malfunctioning lock, we have the right solution to suit your needs, with the tools and knowledge to make your problems just disappear.

Locksmith Bondi Services

Whether it be:

  • Door locks
  • Door hardware
  • Door handles
  • Entrance sets
  • Security improvements

At Call Locksmiths can handle any security product for your home or office while also advising you on the best security solutions for your needs. Our main goal is keeping the people of Bondi safe.

Lock or Key Emergency? No Problem!

As lovely as Bondi is, break ins do occur. This is why we are available any time of day or night, when you need an urgent fix. Don't leave your home, possessions or family unprotected at any point. Call us and we will be out to ensure your security is top notch as quickly as possible. We’re Bondi locals, so we take the security of the area very seriously.

Call us whenever you have a lock replacement need, or have a lost or broken key. This applies to your car as well! Our professional and experienced team are on hand to solve any automotive issues including locked in or broken keys.

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At Call Locksmiths can even help with automotive related lock and key issues, we do it all!

Increasing Your Security

As technology is changing continuously, we ensure that our team is trained and informed on all of the latest developments so we can offer our customers the most up-to-date solutions. Call us if you are considering a security upgrade and we can assess your current situation, then recommend and install the improvements. Want keyless entry? No problem.

At Call Locksmiths are continually researching the newest security innovations to keep you and your family safe! We love Bondi as much as you do, and we want to keep its residents safe and protected.

Let The Professionals Handle It!

It may be tempting to perform DIY for your security, but you can’t put a price on peace of mind. Our professional lock replacement service will guarantee that no unfortunate break-ins occur due to a fault in security installation. We can also make sure that you have the right security for your property.

It sometimes surprises us how people will spend significant amounts on money on home improvements but refuse smaller investments that would make their home safer!

The benefits of a phone call to At Call Locksmiths Sydney include;

  • Our locksmiths are well trained; avoiding simple errors that can limit your locks performance
  • Our latest professional modern equipment
  • We can save you time
  • We offer a variety of services to improve the security of your home
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At Call Locksmiths are lock and key specialists. We have years of experience and knowledge so take advantage of it and call us today!

Contact At Call Locksmiths For The Quickest And Cheapest Fix

Simply give us a call on 1300 242 255 and we'll have whatever problem or upgrade you are facing handled in no time.

We pride ourselves on ease of customer service, we make stressful situations far less stressful and get your day back on track as quickly as possible. At Call Locksmiths are keeping Bondi secure, one happy customer at a time. Become one today!

Bondi 2026 NSW

  • Valid from January - June 2019
  • Limited Offer
  • Dead Lock fitted $220
  • Weekdays only
  • 7.30am - 4.00pm
  • Jobs booked 1 day in advance
  • Wooden frame doors
  • Includes service call out

Put At Call Locksmiths to work for you - Call us on 1300 24 2255 or request a custom quote now!

What Clients Say About Us

Thank you for helping me get my keys out of the boot of my car. He was really professional and efficient. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone!

Lisa Young

Had Josh come out to my unit, he was there in less than 30min of me calling and done a fantastic job replacing my fire door lock and letter box lock for a good price.

Brendan Mcarthur

Recently moved house so I had my locks changed they were prompt and very professional with a good price can’t fault them would definitely recommend them and use them again.

Rob Fitzell

I own a real estate in Sydney and have used these guys for my emergency work for years. They are prompt and reliable. Can’t recommend them enough.


So honest!!! Great locksmith!

James Patterson

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