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Restricted Locks Provide A New Technology With A Tough To Copy Or Duplicate Key System To Provide Enhanced Security

If you are like us, you take the security of your business seriously. To ensure this security, you may be considering a restricted system for your security, which makes it much harder for your keys to be duplicated by strangers or thieves. At Call Locksmiths can help set this up for you, just give us a call today to learn more.

What Is A Restricted System?

A restricted system utilises security key blanks which are only available from At Call Locksmiths for use in your system. This makes us the protectors of your keys. In order to request a new key for a restricted system, your identification will need to be verified first. This creates a whole new level of security for your business.

At Call Locksmiths in Sydney will only issue new keys to people who are authorised in our database as signatories for your system. Restricted systems are patent protected with a limited supply of keys that are tricky to copy.

The Locksmith’s Code

Quality, trustworthy locksmiths will respect restricted locks, refusing to copy a restricted key which they did not issue. This is one of the main reasons why restricted systems are so much more secure.

The At Call Options

At Call Locksmiths offer the following systems:

1. The Lockwood Generation Six Restricted System

The GEN6T® uses a protected T Pin, giving legal protection to your restricted key system and providing security with the ability to control your keys.

Features and Specifications
– Nickel silver keys for strength
– Economical restricted keying platform for key control
– Lockwood proven design and manufacturing quality
– Colour coded inserts for key identification

Legal Key Control
Key control is fundamental to the security of your building. Legal protection has been afforded to the GEN6T® keying platform in the form of patents in a number of countries including Australia and New Zealand.

Serviced Level System
GEN6T® Serviced Level Systems are initially assembled by ASSA ABLOY Australia Pty Ltd. Once the system has been supplied, the system records are available to be transferred to an approved GEN6T® Authorised Service Centre.

GEN6T® Authorised Service Centres
The use of a GEN6T® Authorised Service Centre allows local servicing of your key system for day to day requirements. Each system is registered and signatory control applies to additional key requirements.

Identification of Keys
With a distinctive key head shape, individual keys within a master key system can be easily recognised through the use of colour coded inserts. There are a total of twelve colours to choose from.

2. The Lockwood MT5+ High-Security Restricted System

This system offers three mechanisms for more security, providing the highest possible level of protection against illegal key duplication via the revolutionary Alpha spring.

restricted lock system

Limit the number of keys for your business with a restricted lock system which makes duplication of keys much harder. A restricted lock system creates a whole new level of security for your business.

The New Concept – Three Mechanisms For More Security

To guarantee the technical key security of a mechanical locking system it is necessary to select a system that is protected by key patents and also offers a high technical key copy protection. The new MT5 locking system from Lockwood will achieve both of these.

Lockwood MT5 provides the highest possible level of protection against illegal key duplication via the revolutionary Alpha spring. In addition every Lockwood MT5 key will be covered by patent protection well into the future.

There are two levels of security, the base level is the MT5 cylinder that uses a telescopic pin and alpha spring for restricted security. MT5+ builds on this by adding a locking bar for optimum security and high level master keying capabilities.

1. Alpha spring

At the tip of the key is a revolutionary mobile interacting spring – the alpha spring. The alpha spring engages a unique pin at the rear of the cylinder mechanism creating another shearline.

2. Telescopic pin

This new-generation product is also based on a new configuration telescopic pin technology.

3. Locking bar

The locking bar mechanism is the third technology featured in the MT5+ cylinder. Correct alignment of the locking bar pins depends upon the correct combination key being inserted into the cylinder. The milled pattern which runs along the length of the key interacts with the top bar horizontal pins, creating the required shearline.

With Lockwood MT5, Originals Are Hard To Copy

All MT5 products have a double-sided unique MT5 key. One set of cuts are for the telescopic pin mechanism and the other cut, the milled pattern, is for the locking bar in MT5+ products. The MT5+ combination provides enhanced key security and a higher manipulation resistance.

 The Benefits Of A Restricted System

Restricted key access is a viable option for business owners, ensuring your keys are never copied without your authorisation. At Call Locksmiths can provide various security levels and configurations to suit your needs.

The main benefits of a restricted system include;

1. Restricted Locks

A restricted key system provides a very high level of security. These system’s make locks more secure by making it harder for any unintended openings caused by using an incorrect key.

2. Restricted Copies

Standard keys can easily be stolen, lost and copied, widening the possibility of access to your home or business by a stranger. Restricted key access offers security key blanks which are patent protected meaning the exact design of the key is harder to produce.

By having a protected system, the availability of the key is restricted to authorised personnel only.

3. Key Records

All keys are accurately recorded with only the designated people able to obtain a copy. The records that go with the key ensure a secure process for key access. At Call Locksmiths keep and maintain these records via a unique issue and system number to identify the user.

4. More Control

If you desire you can restrict the availability of the keys to certain people or have a multi-level master key system for different security levels within an organisation.

5. Lock Pick Resistant

Restricted system locks are far harder to be picked or be opened by a random key. Restricted key system locks are ‘pick proof’ to address any concerns over unwanted intrusions.

restricted key system

Improve the security of your business with a restricted key system. Adding another layer of protection against the unwanted access of intruders.

Interested In A Restricted Key System?

Contact At Call Locksmiths on 1300 242 255 to get a restricted key system installed at your business and increase your security today. We service Sydney CBD, Sutherland Shire, Inner West Sydney, Eastern Suburbs Sydney, Western Suburbs Sydney, Liverpool, Canterbury, and St George, call us now!

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