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Raise Your Level Of Security With A Restricted System. These Specially Designed Locks And Keys Require Additional Authorisations Before Additional Keys Can Be Made

The locks on restricted systems are also significantly harder to break, providing another level of security. Restricted systems give you more control over who can access your property and when. At Call Locksmiths in Sydney can manage your restricted system with ease.

The Security Key Restricted System

At Call Locksmiths can provide a restricted key system that utilises special security key blanks which are only available from us. In order to request a new key for this type of controlled system, your identification will need to be verified first. This creates a whole new level of security for your home, controls the keys that are in production and makes it very hard for people to pick your locks.

At Call Locksmiths will only issue new keys to people who are authorised in our database as signatories for your system. Restricted systems are patent protected with a limited supply of keys that are tricky to copy. Other locksmiths in Sydney refuse to copy restricted keys that are not on their database, meaning if someone steals your key, no one will replicate it for them.

restricted systems

There are many restricted systems that can provide you with increased security including the Lockwood range of legally protected keying platforms like the GEN6T®, an evolution of Lockwood’s proven Generation Six platform.

Looking For A Restricted System? At Call Locksmiths Can Help

We know how important the security of your home, family, staff or belongings is. At At Call Locksmiths we offer the highest-quality locksmith products and services, providing complete security options to ensure that you have every opportunity to upgrade your security to the very latest and modern technology possible.

We operate not only in Sydney CBD, but also the Sutherland Shire, Inner West Sydney, Eastern Suburbs Sydney, Western Suburbs Sydney, Liverpool, Canterbury Area, and St George Area.

If you are interested in doing this via a restricted system - please give us a call today. Contact us on 1300 242 255, and we can discuss which system will work best for you. Your locks are your best line of defense against intruders so it is well worth investing in them, for your safety now and in to the future.

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Recently moved house so I had my locks changed they were prompt and very professional with a good price can’t fault them would definitely recommend them and use them again.

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I own a real estate in Sydney and have used these guys for my emergency work for years. They are prompt and reliable. Can’t recommend them enough.


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